What happens when you send a message using On Call?

You, the sender, will know exactly how many members will receive your message but you will NOT know who they are. The number of members who receive your message will depend on the parameters you chose. There are seven parameters that you could have chosen. They are

i) Choice of doctor or medical student or both;

ii) Choice of location (local or national or international);

iii) Choice of breadth of location (radius around the location);

iv) Choice of doctor grade (GP, consultant, registrar etc.) and/or student academic year (pre-clinical, clinical first year, etc.);

v) Choice of speciality/interest;

vi) Choice of sub-speciality/sub-interest; and

vii) Choice of scaler which can be used to randomly reduce the number of receivers resulting from the first six parameters. The scaler will be useful when On Call has grown to a size where Doctors Club introduces message outreach limits and you are able to scale back to within that limit.

All members who receive a message from you will also receive your personal e-mail for a possible reply. Any reply will come directly to your personal e-mail address without Doctors Club being copied. Any reply you receive, and all subsequent correspondence between the receivers and you, will be private.

Early joiner benefits!

While our community is growing we are offering all early joiners access to the next level membership plan.
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