Why Club Funding rather than Crowd Funding?

  1. Philanthropy:
    Crowd Funding is mostly just another way of soliciting from people you already know. Unless you have a ready-made support group or are a celebrity or have a high profile venture, there are so many individuals seeking support for so many worthy ventures that the Crowd which funds any particular venture usually ends up as the beneficiary’s own network of colleagues, friends and family. There is little chance of a casual visitor to a Crowd Funding site stumbling across a specific venture amidst the many other ventures placed on the site; and, even if they did, and even if they liked it, why would they support it rather than anything else? What happens in practice is that those who solicit funds contact everyone they know personally (by e-mail, text, phone call, etc.) to give them the link to their posting on the Crowd Funding site. Their colleagues, friends and family have an affinity with them because they know them; hence it is their personal contacts rather than the general public that, mostly, fund their ventures. The fundamental problem with Crowd Funding for both those seeking philanthropy and those offering it is that there is no real Crowd; it is mostly people funding each other within an existing personal network of colleagues, friends and family.
    Club Funding is a means to extend beyond the network of personal colleagues friends and family to reach a larger social (rather than the smaller personal) network. In our case it is a network is doctors. Our Friends and Family platform is the place where our network can seek from and offer support to each other. We replace the absent Crowd of Crowd Funding with a real social community consisting of a shared profession and a shared ethic.

  2. Investment:
    The principal problem with investment Crowd Funding is that it precludes two sorts of investment.

  • It is not suited to a small scale start-up where the aims and ambitions of the business do not interest an investment community but where the funding requirements exceed the personal network of colleagues, friends and family.
  • It is not suited to innovative ventures which require confidentiality. The more successfully an innovative venture promotes itself via a Crowd Funding site, the more it alerts potential competitors to its value. Crowd Funding neglects innovative businesses which aim high and carry the correspondingly high risk of failure, particularly when the risk of failure is augmented by premature public disclosure on a Crowd Funding site.

    Club Funding can solve both problems.

  • Our Friends and Family platform is where a doctor member might seek finance for a business venture from other doctor members. The community of doctors is mostly trustworthy smart and altruistic. The Friends and Family platform is therefore suited to businesses which might be too small or to specialised to interest an outside investor but might suit a professional colleague who is as predisposed to the person behind the venture as the venture.
  • Our Guest platform is where a non-member with an innovative business proposal that aims high can solicit funds from our doctor members without fear of breaching confidentiality. In place of an open Crowd, our site is a closed Club restricted to doctors who are accustomed to guaranteeing confidentiality. The Guest platform is where anyone, from anywhere in the world, can submit their venture in confidence on condition that their venture is aiming for something so big that our doctor members would feel fulfilled in contributing to the success of something important.

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