On Call

A brand new, targeted messaging service
for doctor to doctor contact.








Northern Ireland

Whether you want to organise a teaching session, arrange a taster week, advertise a conference, plan a sabbatical, or seek a business partner for a medical start-up, look no further than On Call.

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- Search for doctors or medical students or both
- Search by location
- Search for doctors by grade e.g. GP, Consultant, F1 etc.
- Search for medical students by academic year e.g. Pre-Clinical, 1st Year Clinical, 2nd Year Clinical etc.
- Search for doctors by Speciality and Sub-speciality


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Send a message direct to their email inbox

Try it yourself...

It can be a country, city or postcode. If a city you need to specify the country as it is an international system. For example if your city is "Birmingham". Please enter "Birmingham, UK" to clarify the country.

You must add a radius. For example, if you enter UK please add 600 miles to visualise the UK in its entirety.

What happens next...



The sender will know exactly how many members will receive their message but will NOT know who they are. The number of members who receive the message depends on the parameters that have been chosen.



All members who receive a message know the name and e-mail address of the member who sent it. Any reply will go direct to the sender’s personal e-mail address without Doctors Club being copied. The reply, and all subsequent correspondence with the sender, is private.

On Call Pricing

    Premium Memberships
                  Founding Member
Membership fee FREE £10 per year £60 per year £160 per year Lifetime
No of individual messages per year*   10   20   20   20   20
Max Doctor outreach per message*   100   100   1000   1000   1000
Max total messages sent per year   1000   2000   7000   17000   17000
If you are interested in becoming a
Founding Member please send an
enquiry e-mail to fm@doctorsclubuk.com

*Limited to whichever you hit first. For example if you have the 3 star membership plan you can send a max total of 7000 messages, but you are limited to 20 individual messages and have a max doctor outreach of 1000 per individual message. So you could send 20 messages with an outreach of 350 or 7 individual messages with an outreach of 1000 as two examples.

PLEASE NOTE: This is our current view on a possible pricing structure for On Call. It is subject to change depending on feedback and usage.

Selected pricing related FAQ's

 Will Doctors Club always be FREE to use?
 When can I become a premium member?
We will enable premium membership when the On Call message flow is so great that we introduce a charging system beyond the free limit to limit an overuse/abuse of the free service.
 What is the early joining reward?
As a reward for joining early, you will be upgraded to a premium membership when we introduce the charging system. If you introduce new members, they will also be rewarded with a premium membership and your premium membership will be further upgraded for every five new members who join because of you.
 How does the FREE referal upgrade scheme work?
Upgrades, lasting one year, to start when On Call introduces payment for increased use

   Two Star automatic upgrade for any new member not introduced by anyone.
    Three Star automatic upgrade for any new member introduced by another member or by Specialist Info. Also     Three Star upgrade for any    Two Star member who introduces 5 or more new members.
     Four Star upgrade for any     Three Star member who introduces 5 or more new members. (If    Two Star members have become     Three Star members because they introduced 5 new members, they can become      Four Star members if they introduce a further five; i.e. a total of 10 or more.
      Five Star: Founding Members

If we want to offer further upgrades to cover possibilities not shown above e.g. a Three or Four Star who introduces 10 or more new members, there is no upgrade beyond the Four Stars but it can be for more than one year (up to a maximum of say five years).
 Will I get spammed with lots of emails?

  More questions? See full FAQ's